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Eshel is well known around the Jewish Community of Australia for its family orientated friendly service Some of you will know a little of the history of Eshel, well before Eshel was created. Mrs Hofstatter, the Mother of Raizel and her late husband established their chicken shop on the old High Street, now St Kilda Road. The Business was then called St Kilda Kosher Poultry Supply and it was very well known to many of the Jewish Kosher consumers. The shop was an 'upmarket' establishment in those days and was well know for its fresh raw poultry, ducks and turkeys. Mrs Hofstatter then introduced barbequed chickens which have been a great hit back in those days, when NO kosher cooked items were available. Then came chicken clops, home style meat life back from the shtetl!

In 1975, Yankel Fogel, Mrs Hofstatters employee for 2 or so years, married the bosses daughter, Raizel In early 1980 Mrs Hofstatter, Raizels Mum retired and moved to Israel. She left the business in the capable hands of her young son in law and daughter Being young and fresh in the business, Yankel started to develop many new products with each one being a bigger success than the last. People were interested in buying finished, fresh and ready to eat products.

In 1985 there was already a big demand for Yankels' Kosher Catering and he started in a serious way to invest and build up the business
Eshel today
To date there would not be many kosher consumers who have not heard of Eshel - the name that the business was changed to in 1990.

Today there are 2 sons who have joined the business, Benzion who is in charge of catering functions and doing all the office administration. Bens' attention to detail is second to none and his service is always friendly and pleasant Yos, the younger son is in charge of the shop and the ordering, his friendly service is known to all. No task is too hard for him as long as there is customer satisfaction. Coming into the Eshel establishment has become a weekly social for many!
Our commitment to you
Our commitment is for excellence in everything we do. We believe that the customer is entitled to lots of care during their time of Simcha. Care means - listening to what the client wants to achieve for their special Simcha, helping them to achieve it, all the time holding their hand and giving them the reassurance they need. No request is too small or too large and our attention to detail is exemplary. Our food is always made of the highest and most fresh quality ingredients.
We proudly boast the Adass Israel Hashgacha - led by Rabbi A.Z. Beck.
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