Special Occasions

Eshel have helped to create many memorable simchos for people from all walks of life and for all sorts of occasions. We have done surprise engagements, surprise birthdays and even 1 surprise wedding!
What would you do if someone calls you and says - "I am organising a 50th for my wife and if she sees me in your business it will spoil it all!." So under cover we brought this client in and we created the best 50th for his wife. His wife had no idea and when she saw us she could not believe that we had it all wrapped up without her!!
We have catered all around Melbourne and Sydney as far and wide as the Dandenong’s and as high as the Eureka tower and back across town to Altona. The occasions have been numerous but one ingredient combines all our functions. We strive to give excellent service with a happy and positive attitude. Our reputation for tasty food is well known by most kosher consumers and ‘fresh’ is always our key word!